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Thema: Deutsche Blankwaffen in Boer Freistaat Einsatz 3 (

Geschrieben von: Snaphaan am: 15.01.13, 08:33:57
The photo below was taken outside Kimberley in late 1899 during
the Boer siege of the diamond city. It shows Major FWR Albrect of
the Free State Artillery Corps (seated with beard, khaki tunic
and lionhead sword) as well as a number of German volunteers
that did service with the artillery corps like Otto von Losberg,
Prof. AF Hochapfel, R. Hochapfel, von Dewitz, von Heister and Augustine.

The swords are all WK&C artillery officer's lion head swords.

Can anyone identify the bayonet worn by the medical orderly R Hochapfel
laying in front of the photo?

Geschrieben von: Zietenhusar am: 20.01.13, 05:50:01
Willkommen im Forum, Snaphaan.
Das Foto ist leider zu klein, um Genaues zu erkennen.

Welkom by die forum, Snaphaan.
Die foto is ongelukkig te klein is om op te spoor sekere.


Geschrieben von: vonmazur am: 09.05.14, 00:27:09
Snaphaan: I think this is the Seitengewehr supplied by WK&C. I do not know the model year or other designation, but I will post some photos of a known example tonight..I have possession of one of these rare weapons.....

Added: As promised, the pix. WK&C,

Overall length: 627 mm (With Scabbard)
Weapon length: 614 mm (Without Scabbard)
Blade length: 486 mm
Blade width: 30 mm
Blade thickness: 8 mm